As a commercial builder, you know everything there is to know about building a quality home. But do you know anything about interior design? Do you know that the first few minutes after a prospective home buyer gets walks into a model home are crucial?

We do. The home you build can be beautiful architecturally, and use lots of high-end materials to provide a “wow” factor. But if the interior design leaves a buyer cold, or worse yet, the design is off-putting, you just lost a potential sale.

Single-family home builders and multi-family dwelling builders alike can benefit from hiring an interior designer. Here’s why:

1. First Impressions Count

Potential home buyers can decide within the first minute or two if they can picture themselves living in one of your homes. A lot of this has to do with the look and feel of the home’s interior design.

By working with a professional, you can appeal to your target audience with their specific lifestyles, tastes, and needs. Show prospective buyers you know what they want the moment they walk in the door.

2. Interior Designers are Experts

You’re an expert in building homes. You’ve honed your craft over the years. We’re experts in interior design and how to make a home feel warm and inviting – so much so that every prospective buyer will be able to see themselves living there.

You wouldn’t hire a handyman to install your electric wiring. So don’t depend on someone who likes to “play with color” to design your model home’s interior.

3. Professional Interior Design Helps Sell Homes Fast

A model home with a flawless interior design will sell much faster than a similar home without the professional touch. A good design team will enhance the floor plan and highlight architectural details.

Once the first home or two in a development sell, it will increase interest in the development, and ultimately help sell more homes, faster.

Our Process When Working with Home Builders

By working with an interior designer like Ambiance Design Gallery, you start working on that first impression very early in the home building process. We’ll create a buyer profile based on what you tell us. Based on that, we’ll create a detailed design concept that covers all interior design elements.

When we work with you, we’ll help select all interior specifications such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, light fixtures, hardware, etc. We’ll also choose color combinations, fabrics, and furnishing options for each space.
We work with you and subcontractors throughout the build, to help ensure the interior design is flawless. A few weeks prior to the installation of furnishings, window treatments, and home décor, we’ll touch base with you to make sure the space is ready.

We handle delivery and installation of everything. The installation process may take a few days. When it’s done, we’ll arrange a walk-through with you to ensure everything meets or exceeds your expectations.

Partner with an Award-Winning Rochester Interior Designer

Mary Jo, the owner of Alliance Design Gallery, won Best Design in the 2014 Rochester Homearama. She has worked with a number of Rochester area home builders and participated in the Homearama many times over the last 17 years. We design model homes that set our client’s homes apart from the competition, and help homes sell.
We can also design clubhouses, sales & leasing offices, and design centers.

If you would like to partner with an award-winning interior designer, please reach out to schedule a meeting.
You’ll be glad you did.