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Why Area Home Builders Partner with Our Interior Design Firm

Homebuilders and contractors in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region know Ambiance Design Gallery as an interior design firm that is easy to work with and delivers quality results, every time, on time, and on budget.

We’ve been working with home builders and commercial contractors in the Rochester and the Finger Lakes region for years, and have won awards for our interior design work at Rochester’s Homearama.  Our interior designers LOVE working with Builders. By starting with a clean slate, we can bring in fresh ideas and push the boundaries of design and color.

We do interior design work in model homes but can also help with interior design for a new apartment building or condominium complex.

Benefits of Working with Ambiance Design Gallery

There are many benefits to the builder who works with an interior design firm. The benefits are even bigger when you work with Ambiance Design Gallery. They include:
  • Builders who use our interior design services for their model homes tend to sell their properties more quickly. 
  • We are a full-service design studio. We’re a one-stop shop for lighting, furniture, area rugs, etc. Unlike many interior designers, Ambiance carries the furniture.
  • We have the flexibility to utilize builder suppliers.
  • You get custom window treatments.
  • Buyers see innovative design trends.
  • We become a source for buyers for anything pertaining to the home.

Building quality homes is what you do best. Leave the interior design to the professionals. Some of the things we consider that affect how attractive and welcoming your model home is, includes:

Color Choices

The benefit of having color in a model home cannot be overstated. It shows people what you can do with bold colors. Builder white is not a good choice for the model home. Do not be afraid of color.


Even small spaces can have a dramatic effect with the utilization of textures such as wallpaper and/or tiling. The benefit of that is it gives the house a personality.


The lighting of a home sets the mood. We make the lighting selections that are most appropriate to each room of the model home. This may include a stunning chandelier in the two-story foyer, pendant lighting in the kitchen, and automatic lighting in the bedrooms. 


Throughout the entire process, we ensure there is ongoing communication with vendors and subcontractors to provide you with flawless results.


We are furniture specialists and know how to create the mood of your space and the flow as well. Finding the right furnishings to fit the space allows you to make the most of it by telling its story. Let us create a story so your buyers can read the room and feel inspired!

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